Transformational Breath and Cancer

In one of my recent introductory Transformational Breath workshops a lady who told me that she had cancer on three different occasions and thankfully she is well and no longer has any signs of cancer within her body. It was her first experience of our wonderful breath technique and she found it very powerful in releasing emotional issues that had built up over the many years of stress and anxiety due to her situation .

Perhaps there are many people with cancer who have yet to do any sort of breathwork and don’t know of the many benefits of breathwork.

Here are some if the Benefits of Breath work

* Feeling more energized

*Unearthing and clearing emotional issues attached to the illness

* Improving side-effects of cancer therapies (less nausea, more energy, less skin reactions after radiotherapy )

*Swifter recovery after surgery- due to a better functioning immune system

* Strengthens the body’s immune response to cancer

*Less depressive symtems

*Better sleep

If you would like you find out more of how Transformational Breath could help you, please contact me by email

Please note our breathing technique isn’t a cure , but it has the possibilities of taking you to a better place on a physical level as well as mentally and emotionally .