The benefits of Inspiring Breath

Welcome to Inspiring Breath, the website of Certified Transformational Breath®Facilitator,  Alan Purves, who is based in Manchester and visits London  monthly .

Alan uses a technique called Transformational Breath®: a self-empowering and deeply healing process that can creates wonderful transformation in our lives and allows us to:

  • Breathe better, eliminating restrictive breathing patterns.
  • Learn breathing techniques for improving our energy levels
  • Relieve negative emotions and improves self-esteem
  • Access higher levels of personal/spiritual consciousness

Reported Benefits

  • More physical and mental energy
  • Stress relief
  • Relief from emotional and physical pain

Everyone can benefit from this powerful technique irrespective of age, health or fitness levels.

If you spend a lot of time in your head and have difficulty switching off, feel anxious or stressed out more than you would like to be or if you are experiencing inertia and need clarity in order to decide which way to go, Transformational Breath® may be just what you need.