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Introductory   Workshops

   Continue  Throughout  The Year  with  Transformational Breath

My next workshop will be Manchester  to be announced .


A crucial tool for health and happiness…your breath.
The potent, self empowering practice of Transformational Breath awakens us to our highest potential, and clears the path for us to actualize the lives we want to live and express. Through surrender and relaxation of the exhalation, the heart opens and receives the infinite wisdom and healing power hidden within the breath. Sense perceptions expand and higher levels of awareness are realized. This journey invites you into a timeless space of deep listening, reflection and connection. A regular breath practice gifts you with more available energy, facilitates healing, ignites creativity and cultivates vibrant, radiant health.
Do you spend a lot of time in your head and have difficulty turning off? Do you feel anxious or stressed out more than you would like to be? Do you are experience inertia and need clarity in order to decide which way to go? If so, Transformational Breath® may be just what you need.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and experienced practitioners.

Transformational Breath® is a self-empowering and deeply healing process that creates a wonderful transformation in one’s life. It allows us to breath better, eliminating restrictive breathing patterns; it improves your energy levels; it relieves negative emotions and improves one’s self-esteem; it allows access to higher levels of personal/spiritual consciousness.

Benefits include:
More physical and mental energy
Stress relief
Relief from emotional and physical pain.

Everyone can benefit from this extremely powerful technique irrespective of age, health or fitness levels.


Discounts for the unwaged

To book your place on the workshop ,please contact Alan

For further information contact Alan Purves
Telephone: 07598937325




One-on-One Breath Sessions in London

Lasts for one and a half hours

Price at a London  clinic: £140.00

Price for 1 to 1 session  £75

Please ask for prices

Book 5 sessions and get a discount

Couples Sessions

2 hours: £150

Monthly Breath Groups

Held each month,    The dates for  the coming month


I am wanting to start up a monthly group or perhaps a weekly group   soon ,  please get in touch if you are interested in joining

2.30pm to 4pm,

Cost: £20 if paid in advance or £25 on the day Please contact Alan to book your place

New venue to be announced in Manchester city centre

This is for people who have already been to a Transformation Breath® workshop or had a One-to-One and would like to refresh their practice and learn more about this cutting edge technique.

As you know, many of us love our breathing sessions and meeting together often encourages us in our daily practice, which ultimately benefits us on all of the three levels as we breathe. Physically giving us more energy, secondly helping us become clearer on a mental and emotional level and thirdly allowing greater access to the very essence of our being.

Alan is also available for corporate events and workshops

Please reserve your place by contacting Alan by Telephone or via e-mail .There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all bookings. You must advise of any changes 24 hours prior to the session or you will be charged the full amount.

Please note that you can make payment by cash, Pay pal or bank transfer

If  you  are unable to attend please  e-mail  Alan  on   or call 075 989 373 25


Alan also works in London. He is based at the following locations:

 W11  near Portobello Road, London