Akashic Records Levels 1 and 2 Trainings

                 Journey to the Heart

               Levels 1 and 2 trainings

                   with Alan Purves




Next trainings will be in January and February 2019 ,please contact me if interested

LEVEL 1   18th to 20th January 2019

Friday 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 9.30am to 5.30pm

Sunday 9.30am to 5.30pm


Central London Venue

Your investment £295 (a deposit of £100 secures your place)
This includes teaching and course manual and certificate of attendance plus refreshments ( bring your own packed lunch

Full details of course content below


LEVEL 1 Two day intensive  20th and 21st of February 2019

9am to 6pm each day

Special Price of £295(a deposit of £100 secures your place)
This includes teaching and course manual and certificate of attendance plus refreshments ( bring your own packed lunch


W11 near Portobello road LONDON

Full details of course contents below



LEVEL 2 Consultant Training

22nd to 24th of February ( 3 full days )

Special Price of £395(a deposit of £150 secures your place)
This includes teaching and course manual and certificate of attendance plus refreshments ( bring your own packed lunch

London Venue

Alan’s Bio

Alan is a both a certified Akashic Records consultant and Level 1 and 2 teacher both here in the UK as well as internationally . He has trained with Ernesto Ortiz on retreats both in Bali and Guatemala.

Alan has found something rather special and unique in working with the Akashic Masters and Teachers. Not only has it had a profound effect upon his life but also sees the many benefits the energy and wisdom which comes from the Akashic realm on those he gives consultations and trainings  to ,as well as those who attend Ernesto’s retreats

Level 1

This weekend class is offered to enable you to experience the life-transforming process of accessing your Akashic Records. Acquiring this tool that will forever profoundly illuminate your personal growth, healing and guidance.

You will learn the sacred Akashic Prayer and receive an attunement which will align you to the lineage and sacred energy of Akasha and the Masters and Teachers.

  • You will learn how to formulate questions and how best to work with the information received from your Masters and Teachers
  • Learn Level 1 Grace points
  • Receive positive spiritual guidance
  • Learn your Souls/Life purpose
  • Access Past, Present & Potential future Information
  • Release Limitations. Patterns & Beliefs through Grace
  • Empower Yourself to transform Relationships, Career & Other Life Issues
  • Access Peace as a way of Life
  • * Accessing our own Akashic Records will open and unlock many doors of your emotional being ,allowing to see perhaps for the first time your true and authentic self
    The Masters and Teachers come from a place of unconditional Love and non-judgement to help you on your Soul’s journey and to help you reach your full potential
  • NOTE: Suggested reading for the classes:
    The Akashic Records ~ Sacred Wisdom for Transformation by Ernesto Ortiz
    Available from Ernesto’s website or Alan
    http://www.journey2theheart.com/store.shtml or Amazon.comFrom Ernesto: Alan is a unique individual, very caring and loving, open to receive the infinite wisdom of the Masters. He has sat by my side holding the space numerous times .
  • This weekend was incredible. Your healing powers amongst all your other  amazing qualities are exceptional.
  • thankyouthankyouthankyou    HA . Uk
  • Thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful, insightful few days .Grateful for all the wisdom and experience and hope we will all align again at another magical event. JE   London
  • LEVEL 2
  • In the Level 2 class you learn to open the Akashic Records for others. As in Level 1, we will work with the art of translation of the information received from our Masters and Teachers, and we will become attuned to the essence of pure Love, Light, and the Holy Spirit.
    This class gives you the opportunity to deepen into your personal healing and add to the experience from Level 1 as you enter the sacred space of another seeker to access their Akashic Records. This experience in many cases is life transforming for the individuals receiving the information.
    The Level 2 class offers you the opportunity to fine-tune your reception of information, as you not only receive information but also share it through the power of the spoken word. In working with others, you will be opening to receive the information in ways that you have not experienced before. You set yourself in the mode of pure and unconditional service to others and give the information as you receive it. This is the perfect time to open to sight, sound, taste, feelings, and emotions as you share what you get, and is often a time to invite loved ones to come in and communicate unfinished business, express love, or ask for forgiveness and resolution with the person you are reading for.
    This is a powerful class that will help you to open the Akashic Records of Animals, sacred sites, nature, buildings and more.
    You will learn the Level 2 Grace Points, how to deal with patterns of interference, how to formulate better questions, how to create Sacred space, and additional meditations to increase your own vibrational frequency.
    During this class you will also be able to work with fellow consultants as you team up and practice opening the Akashic Records for each other. You will have the opportunity to have your Records read and in the process validate your own answers.